The (Re)use of FORCE

I overdid it there with all caps, but how else do you show forceful typing? (Maybe all the grammatical mistakes and sloppy wording..) When I start to get sick, there becomes an urgency to get better. Kind of like grieving the loss of my health, I go through denial (I’m healthy, I swear!) Shock (TheContinue reading “The (Re)use of FORCE”

Thinking about Thinking

Regarding alterations in the brain’s resting-state connectivity linked to personality differences, neuroticism was shown to be associated with decreased connectivity within the top-down executive network and with increased connectivity in the bottom-up emotion-processing network (Carballedo et al. 2015).  Thus, novelty seeking, self-directedness, and persistence are related to control processes, with novelty seeking reflecting a reactive bottom-up controlContinue reading “Thinking about Thinking”

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