A Regreting Regressing Remorsing Relapsing Recount of Guilt (I just didn’t know what to name this, so something aggressive was bound to grab your attention) Assignments for 8/28 Treatment Plan  5 Consequences I have Suffered Directly Related to My Ambivalence Toward Following a Program of Recovery and Treatment Concepts  Doubting Recovery before I was able toContinue reading “ARRRRRG”

ADHD and Addiction

Research and Recovery – Please note that this information has been studied and analyzed. This information shows that the patient is aware of various psychiatric practices and theories. 😊   “Even if the perspective of the other person absolutely makes no sense to you logically, you should validate it,” says Carolyn Daitch, a licensed psychologist and director of theContinue reading “ADHD and Addiction”

Get Shorty

Below is half of a written response I gave to one of my counselors during my Treatment for SUD. This came after years of “self-medicating” my ADHD. Though I was diagnosed in college, I rarely followed the doctors’ orders. Assignments for 8/23 Treatment Plan  4 Attitude and Behavioral Changes Needed In Order for Successful Recovery  Open toContinue reading “Get Shorty”

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