The Rise & Fall

To have it all Escape to show what rests inside I’m getting sick now on this ride Going fast, it’s getting steeper The rabbit hole is getting deeper Up all night or straight day sleeper As long as I remain the keeper Hand it over, killing time Wasted youth, we’re in our prime chasing, speeding,Continue reading “The Rise & Fall”

Thinking about Thinking

Regarding alterations in the brain’s resting-state connectivity linked to personality differences, neuroticism was shown to be associated with decreased connectivity within the top-down executive network and with increased connectivity in the bottom-up emotion-processing network (Carballedo et al. 2015).  Thus, novelty seeking, self-directedness, and persistence are related to control processes, with novelty seeking reflecting a reactive bottom-up controlContinue reading “Thinking about Thinking”


A Regreting Regressing Remorsing Relapsing Recount of Guilt (I just didn’t know what to name this, so something aggressive was bound to grab your attention) Assignments for 8/28 Treatment Plan  5 Consequences I have Suffered Directly Related to My Ambivalence Toward Following a Program of Recovery and Treatment Concepts  Doubting Recovery before I was able toContinue reading “ARRRRRG”

ADHD and Addiction

Research and Recovery – Please note that this information has been studied and analyzed. This information shows that the patient is aware of various psychiatric practices and theories. 😊   “Even if the perspective of the other person absolutely makes no sense to you logically, you should validate it,” says Carolyn Daitch, a licensed psychologist and director of theContinue reading “ADHD and Addiction”

Get Shorty

Below is half of a written response I gave to one of my counselors during my Treatment for SUD. This came after years of “self-medicating” my ADHD. Though I was diagnosed in college, I rarely followed the doctors’ orders. Assignments for 8/23 Treatment Plan  4 Attitude and Behavioral Changes Needed In Order for Successful Recovery  Open toContinue reading “Get Shorty”

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