Water it Down

You may have heard the saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Dr. Masaru Emoto proved, with science, that words can hurt. I thought it was a hoax (and I still have my doubts), but the concept is super interesting. [Yeah I’ve got pep in my step, don’tContinue reading “Water it Down”


Maybe 3-4 years ago, I read a book by Steven Levitt called “Freakonomics.” In this, he discussed ways society had attempted to influence people ‘be better’ (at least that was what I got from it). He sited sources that proved correlation does not always equal causation, and how various ‘incentives’ were able to produce moreContinue reading “Freak(oholic)”


That temporal punishment is due to sin, even after the sin itself has been pardoned by God, is clearly the teaching of Scripture. God indeed brought man out of his first disobedience and gave him power to govern all things (Wisdom 10:2), but still condemned him “to eat his bread in the sweat of his brow” until he returned unto dust. God forgave the incredulity of Moses and Aaron, but inContinue reading “Purgatory”

The (Re)use of FORCE

I overdid it there with all caps, but how else do you show forceful typing? (Maybe all the grammatical mistakes and sloppy wording..) When I start to get sick, there becomes an urgency to get better. Kind of like grieving the loss of my health, I go through denial (I’m healthy, I swear!) Shock (TheContinue reading “The (Re)use of FORCE”

Trust, Stay, Fear, Pray

It’s a lot. 3/23/19 Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. -Aristotle Never argue with a fool. Onlookers may not able to tell the difference. -Mark Twain Any fool can know. The point is to understand. –Albert Einstein You’ll never find a rainbow if you’re looking down. –Charlie Chaplin DistanceContinue reading “Trust, Stay, Fear, Pray”

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