Water it Down

You may have heard the saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

Dr. Masaru Emoto proved, with science, that words can hurt. I thought it was a hoax (and I still have my doubts), but the concept is super interesting. [Yeah I’ve got pep in my step, don’t hate.]

More details that I don’t want to type out –> thewellnessenterprise.com/emoto/

Seriously, don’t hate. Dr. Emoto proved that when you feel negatively towards something, you can change it on a molecular level, in a bad way. When you tell the water how wonderful and pure it is, it changes to reflect the positive impact. You can change the world! Isn’t 70% of the world covered in water? The heart is around 70% water. The brain is also.

When my dude told me to look it up, I clicked on a video that showed me the different music Emoto exposed water to.

I’m not a science wiz. I can’t explain how the tones, rhythms, pitches, musical notes, etc effect the mathematical symmetry of the crystals. I owned some crystals in college when I was in it to zen (like win lol). I’ve seen hippies freak out over raw chocolate and children fight for climate change. Those things may be unrelated or maybe my mind is chaos

Call me Posty, heat it up, Toasty

What’s cool about chaos is that in my world, God can handle it. I don’t have to be overwhelmed because I’ve accepted Jesus Christ as my savior. I don’t need you to accept it or be proud of me for choosing a religion. I’ll take a high five if you’re giving them out though.

The centralized theme here (I’m getting to it) is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I get tunnel vision a lot. What’s funny is that I get there all by myself. It starts when one dark creeps up on me. Soon a few more follow (you know misery loves company). Before I know it, I’m throwing shade too. I read on a site that chaos is mostly a good thing, until humanity tries to mess with it. When we try to own it, it turns on us. ((Let it go)) If we look at all the beauty around us and start wanting it all to ourselves, we start gripping too tight to everything surrounding us. We get tense and high strung. Like ice, we’re hard to get through. We stop flowing because we assume we’re all knowing. Hearts become cold, arrogance takes hold, y’all know how it goes. We go hard because this is America.

Some of us can offer comic relief. Some of try and take on the world like Atlas. [[Speaking of, Atlas Shrugged is my favorite book.]]

Moving on…in the past I’ve seen people acting so on top of everything and then losing it. The whole feeding off chaos [in my Freak(oholic) post] is like the Walking Dead. When Britney Spears shaved her head, I didn’t get it until I wanted to shave my head. (Note that the first time was not out of rage or delusion. I had recently watched V for Vendetta.) Those were different times, but I won’t go down that rabbit hole for now.

There are also people I’ve seen keeping it real, making loud statements. They seem to glorify a life of chaos. In the past I’ve seen people blame crime on the police. Havin’ the authority to kill a minority…

If you’re scared, go to church, right? (It’s an Ice Cube song.) Well I’m down with it. Down with the Wu. Eminem inspired me to be myself. Rap and R&B remind me to stay true even when the world seems fake. They make me move to the beat when I feel stuck, and that happens a lot. I psych myself out on a daily basis. Thank the Lord for good friends and family. When I can’t figure out the game, they remind me that there’s more to life.

Rebels from all kinds of backgrounds, throughout history, have promoted an alternative lifestyle to make their truth known. Music has been one way to send a message. Rock and Roll started getting people to shake their hips in the 1950s. Woodstock was “widely regarded as a pivotal moment in popular music history, as well as a defining event for the “counterculture generation“. [Wikipedia] Footloose got us loose in the 80’s. The punks who didn’t want to waste my time in the 90’s taught me how to surrender to the noise. I think of Kurt Cobain everyday, warning me to give up the gun. In college, Mac Miller & Wiz Khalifa gave me willingness to wander without worry. There was something about these people that made them legends. They say what we sometimes can’t. I’ve been told the truth is something we always knew and just forgot.

Maybe it was fear, maybe love. That idea of tough love can be hard to understand. It simply takes some us a little while long to understand how it works. Some of us want to know WHY. Is it simple? Is it complex? Is it both? Albert Einstein — ‘The more I learnthe more I realize how much I don’t know.’

Taking that to heart, I’ve tried to simplify what’s in my mind. Sometimes it’s chaos, and in no way is it organized. It may looks like bubbles or a brainstorm. At the end of the day, I have to remember to be grateful for what I have and what I have been given. It is important to me to continue on and be of service to others (to an extent). If you give too much away, what will you have left? You’re not the sun.

Shine on you crazy diamond.

There’s a song that plays on MTV all the time that has no words. It has a big group of people in it that are moshing and look like they are attack you. It makes me very anxious. One guy has rainbow hair and a lot of piercings (apparently he’s not that original or google could’ve helped me out). It’s been driving me crazy. If I find it, I’ll put it on here.

Anyway…the counter culture is getting ridiculous. Jackass isn’t cool anymore (wtf?) because danger is a daily thing. It’s like fighting chaos with chaos. We’re powerless and we know it, if we’ve got the fire power we’ll show it. Adversity and Diversity no longer define us. If you try and label us, we’ll agree and then disagree. We’ll acknowledge why you’re right, then let you know why you’re not. We could be that, we could be more than that. If you say I’m anxious, I might tell you I’m traumatized. If you tell me I’m depressed, I might go manic on your ass and tell you I’m bipolar, amongst other things. Do I have abandonment issues, was I neglected, or is it both?

Had to do it twice. I have to stand up if I’m called on. Some of us can’t ignore what’s in us and have to let it out. I used to ignore the alarm ringing, but when it echos inside of you, there’s no going quietly. Keep in mind that the kids sitting out aren’t always reflecting on “why they’re in time out.”

There’s become a level of transparency in our culture that may help it but could also start to hurt it if we don’t acknowledge it. There’s a lot of explicit content out there and it’s easy to seen on the millions of screens. Parental supervision advised. But who’s taking advice these days…we all know what we’re doing, right?


It scares the hell out of me. Take me to Church. Well, at least the kids are practicing their Freedom of Speech. But when does ’tisk tisk’ become too much of risk? When Mac Miller passed, I felt like I had lost a good friend from college. We had lost touch, though he was extremely memorable.

In an interview with Fader, Mac told us, “I’d rather be the corny white rapper than the drugged-out mess who can’t even get out of his house. Overdosing is just not cool. You don’t go down history bc you overdose. You just die”

This Quote From Mac Miller Makes His Death That Much More Tragic

What’s going on now makes me future trip. We’re sending a message without considering the care it takes to truly make a difference.

There’s a lot out there, but some are dying to make statement, whether it’s by living too fast or dying too hard.

I pray for the generations to come. I hope they can clearly see and process what they reflect, rather than project. It becomes a marbled mess, like a fibonacci sequence spiraling out of control.

We know what’s going on half the time. I hope when we have opportunities to speak our truth, God will speak through us. I pray we will not choose to shy away and sweep it under the rug.

Being the big dog isn’t working in a dog eat dog world. There is always going to be someone bigger or badder. How can our society stop complexing our problems and start simplifying solutions? Let’s get back to it all before we forget about who has fallen in this fight.


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