Trust Is a Must

Get to a shrink

Stir the tea and sink

Feelings, thoughts, are scattered, screaming

Distraction comes and I start dreaming

Get your one track mind to circle

Oh did I do that? Steve Urkel

Law and Order, Stop the crime

Keep it goin, spit a rhyme

Doin justice

This ain’t just us

Hell yeah, God’s plan, there’s more to be

We starting trouble to achieve

Especially heinous, investigate

Take what has been to recreate

Find a crowd, become a unit

Play a chord and then fine tune it

We’ve got systems here in place

Yet we’re still fighting over race

Thinkin’ small in a mall with a rat

Still making drama bout this and that

At the end of days, it’s all in all

The faster we run, the further we’ll fall

Middle children, give em attention

Takin the risk, you’ll get suspension

I’m feelin’ it now, I just tighten the tension

Take back the noose, I ain’t part of the lynchin

They’ll hang you up like a fine decoration

They’ll give you a ticket, drop you at the station

The crazy trains a comin

While we in place, runnin

Take it down a notch they say

The boss forgot we gotta play

Work ’em to the death, what’s new

We’ve got complaints, not just a few

They put me in the corner weeping

But they don’t care why I ain’t sleeping

Out of touch and out of line

We just do what’s of our kind

Somethings change, better or worse

It’s a blessing and curse

The wise fool puts on the shows

The quiet one keeps what he knows

The bravest of the few tread on

Despite intention, I’m the con

Leave it to the pro to pass us

Hyper kids, in space like Nasa’s

Shut um up and keep em busy

Stuck in the corner getting dizzy

Don’t be surprised when chaos spills

We live for seeking out the thrills

Published by Shea

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