Search for Serenity

So I didn’t even buy this book…I found it in a seat that a man was sitting in the day before. He had on an LSU hat and had one of the greatest shares I’ve ever heard.

Surprisingly it’s been one of the greatest books I’ve had the pleasure of reading. I’m not done with it yet. The notes below are what I’ve gotten from it so far. Some of it I knew, and some it I felt like I knew but hadn’t thought about for a while.

-It is not uncommon for a person to have a confused personality

-No one is truly prepared to face life until he is ready for death

-Embracing Life vs Clinging to it Desperately

-Struggle & Tension (War) vs Peace

-Compromises are necessary in certain situations.

-Distinguish those points where compromise threatens principle.

-Emotional growth comes first.

-We wait for a miracle to take on our fear that we cannot face.

-Building a new life means pulling up old roots.

-Life is a constant struggle to avoid all disapproval and criticism.

-Fear of rejection will continue to obsess those who fail to understand the basis for their social anxieties.

-“If you do not approve of the things I do, I must be wrong about a lot of things.”

-Be aware of ‘Gaslighting’

-Failure to fit into the group –> affliction –> rebellion –> Center of attention

-With that grows a desire to understand the world. We may even get fixated on it, creating our own world of our own understanding

-Willing to give up childish illusions with the equanimity of a true adult

-Proper love: boundaries, willing to suffer and be inconvenienced, giving for nothing in return

-Achievement: To know one’s self, the others

-Can we seek to understand the nature of loving and the motivation to put it into action?

-Respect derives from safety

-If we become upset and disturbed by others actions, the tension is within ourselves.

-Invasion of someone else’s mind is only a method for building ego.

-Mental Discipline

-Stopping worry with the “present”

-Blessed are the debonair — take work seriously….yourself, not so much.

-Understanding how another person feels helps us get out of our own heads

-Learn to Listen

-Lessening the moralistic and intolerant

-Do what takes you out of yourself — In that you may find yourself

-Seeking approval will lead to getting disapproval

-Myths of Perfection, Evil, Strength, Possession, Love, and Effort

-Attraction to an idea or dream cannot dissolve problems

-More to come!

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